Our Mission

For many years cycling has been very popular among traditional cycling countries, the popularity of cycling throughout the rest of the world has been significantly increasing year by year. Many of the non-traditional cycling countries outside of Europe are organizing more and more competitions to increase public interest.

However, these competitions seem to lack an international presence and the riders require these events to be taken to the next level. The opportunity for these riders to travel to Europe and compete with the stronger European teams has proven to be very difficult for various reasons.

Max Cycling Club  would like to make the changes with Team PCS – CCN that will improve the current situation for both national and international UCI 1.2 and 2.2 races.

For riders from traditional cycling countries who have the capability to travel to remote destinations to compete Max Cycling Club will offer competition to these riders. Max Cycling Club hopes to make our contribution in the internationalization of our beloved sport for the benefit of all riders.